Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Andre Day

It must be the day of the Hawk. I found this recap earlier and now Joe Posnanski has joined the parade with a remembrance of his '87 MVP.

I remember him fondly. My brother and I had a great share of baseball fun as kids who were born in the late 70s near Kansas City and crazy for George Brett, but roiling with Cardinal blood. We moved outside of St. Louis in late '83 and finally made a full conversion to the Redbirds in 85, what a year to have those divided loyalties. I say we fully converted, but that might apply only to me. Come '87 my brother's favorite player was Dawson, and so it remained until Bo Jackson [1]. I can still see his "Hawk" and "Black and Blue" posters, and I remember our first trip to Wrigley to watch Andre play. We sat behind a pole.

[1] Joe has the definitive entry on him as well. I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Steve grows impatient. Rightfully so. I have something serious brewing, and as much fun as that might not be, it's not completed, so I'll regale you now with something in the vein of this blog's intention, even if it is second hand and from a couple of days ago. I'm a fan of vicarious knowledge. I give you the poor fellow who happened to sit beside me and his delightful approach to the women on his other side:

So, would it be alright if I talked to you? I mean it's okay if you don't want to.

That my friends is ineffective. I'll see you soon.